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Win a Hotel

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For an extra free ticket, make sure you choose a charity promocode at purchase! Purchase your ticket from Raffall

Tickets go on sale 1st July 2024

Winner is drawn on 1st February, 2025

at 5PM GMT

Why Enter?

  • Secure your financial future

  • Live the dream of owning a hotel         

  • or choose £1million in cash

  • Change your life and give to charity

The hotel is fully operational and run by a hotel management company

Enter your email to keep updated with all new Charities,

Conmmunity Projects, Influencer Promo codes to have more chances of winning

 Helping as many people as possible one ticket at a time

The Win A Hotel draw is operated and guarenteed by Raffall

Why raffle and not sell the hotel? 

When buying and selling a property, it typically involves just two people. With our hotel raffle, we aim to touch the lives of 20 million people through an affiliate program. Every ticket sold supports not only the ticket buyer's chance to win a hotel, but also benefits charities, local projects and communities. For every ticket sold, affiliates can earn 10% of the ticket price to go to their chosen cause.


Its simple to enter and life changing if you win!

Minimum Ticket Target

A minimum of 600,000 tickets need to be sold for the main prize to be awarded. If less than 600,000 tickets are sold, the winner will receive a cash payment amounting to 50% of the total ticket revenue generated for this competition.

Raffall Guarantee

If the host achieves their minimum ticket target and fails to provide the prize, the winner will receive a share of the compensation amounting to 75% of the ticket revenue.

All compensation payments are guaranteed and paid directly by Raffall.

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